We engaged XDuce for driving high-level BI solution directions for providing critical reporting solutions and implementing the same using OBIEE. XDuce was “On Dot” right from developing proof-of-concepts to Implementation & deployment of OBIEE along with development of Reports and Dashboards Documentation. They also developed BI standards and guidelines. XDuce BI team developed a Business model to champion and promote the proposed toolset to the internal community while maintaining existing tool set to ensure seamless transition. XDuce has impeccable expertise in BI space and are champions in OBIEE.

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Manager, BI Group

Data Virtualization

Problem: Storage Explosion

  • Copy data a $44B problem
  • Consumes 60% of disk capacity
  • Drives 65% of storage software spending, 85% of hardware
data virtualization

Solution: Copy Data Virtualization

Copy Data Virtualization enables businesses to stay ahead of the data explosion that is driving rapidly increasing IT costs. This unique technology allows businesses to transform the way they manage data, achieving greater business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud.

XDuce Services

Disaster Recovery as a Service:

When was the last time you ran a failover test for disaster recovery? From 1990 to 2010 the annual number of natural disasters nearly doubled, reaching more than 150 in a single year.
In this context, new and more effective technology solutions are required to avoid business disruptions and achieve business continuity – nearly immediate recovery – if disruptions do occur. With DR as a Service we slash recovery times down to minutes, drastically reduce backup windows, and save organizations millions of dollars at the same time.
This service lets customers:

  • Capture data from production applications
  • Manage it more economically, in the most efficient way possible,
  • Use virtual or physical copies of the data whenever and wherever they need them.
  • The Continuity Imperative white paper explores the challenges of business continuity and how we can solve them.

Business Continuity/Business Resiliency as a Service:

“Businesses can lose an average of $5,000 per minute in an outage – that’s $300,000 per hour.”- Emerson Network Power Report
Achieving Business Resiliency means being ready with a plan, systems and resources to keep everything running in an organization as it normally would.
Resiliency is insurance against loss of customers, loss of share value, loss of reputation. With thoughtful investments of time and capital, it creates organizational knowledge, improves communications and instills confidence inspired by readiness. Our BR as a Service fundamentally changes the nature of data protection and business resiliency. More than just a backup system, it’s a complete data management service that ensures local data protection, multisite data replication, full application recovery orchestration, and much more. Data can be protected and provisioned in your data center, in remote offices, in the cloud, or wherever you need.

Data Protection as a Service:

Data protection in many organizations is increasingly complex and fraught with risk and mounting expenses. Most backup software and legacy solutions are ill suited to today’s dynamically changing IT environments.

The symptoms are common and frequent:
  • Backup windows that run so long that backups are incomplete or missed altogether
  • Restores that take hours or days or fail completely
  • No granularity to the elements that can be restored,
  • Having to use different tools to protect physical and virtual assets.

XDuce’s Data Protection as a service is a new solution, built specifically for the 21st century enterprise that completely transforms data protection and ensures business continuity. We are helping customers to remake their Backup, Recovery, and Data Protection processes for better performance at lower costs.

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