We were looking for Subject Matter Expertise in several key areas of Oracle Fusion Middleware systems to implement mission critical back-office applications built using Oracle SOA Fusion Middleware Suite and highly scalable enterprise services. XDuce won the contract against cut-throat competition on the merit of the business proposal. They not only implemented SOA with speed and excellence but also saved at least 38% cost compared to the next most economical proposal. XDuce is surely a value creator in Oracle SOA space.

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Director, IT

Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing is not a new phenomenon. All types of organizations around the world have already obtained significant benefits by capitalizing on data warehousing solutions. Building a data warehouse is the structure to empower businesses with better information. Not only does it allow you to prepare for your business challenges but it allows you to take full advantage to become more responsive to customers, ensures being competitive in the business marketplace and control over quality of critical business data. Some advantages of using data warehouse:

  • Enhances end-user access to a wide variety of data.
  • Business decision makers—future investments
  • Increases data consistency.
  • Storage Management
  • Data warehouse
  • Provides an infrastructure with the capability to support changes to data and to replicate the changed data back into the operational systems. The key to success in today’s challenging IT environment is the ability to manage data efficiently and successfully. This takes expert skills and experience from real-time business data warehousing projects and teams that have succeeded in completing and maintaining a data warehousing from initiation to completion

XDuce services are dedicated to helping organizations successfully develop, implement and maintain these solutions. Our data warehousing solutions bring significant value to the business through a fully functional approach to create, manage and evolve and to deliver a complete data warehousing solution to your company’s specific needs.

In order to provide the most benefits to you, our data warehousing team has a clear idea of what they are looking for and then carefully choose strategies and methods that will provide you with performance today and flexibility for tomorrow.

Our data warehousing team consists of dedicated, experienced project members that partner with our clients to deliver a complete and sustainable data warehousing solution. Our experienced team members first identify challenges of access, understand your organization’s older and legacy systems require certain skill sets, complexity of changing business requirements, data source systems, need to meet the demand for growing volume of data and real-time data feeds and then recommend the best solution that fits your needs.


  • User Needs Assessment
  • Technical Architecture
  • Data Cleansing and Conversion
  • Prototype Definition and Data Modeling
  • Report Design and Generation
  • Data warehousing Implementation
  • Database Administration
  • Date Project Management
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