We were looking for Subject Matter Expertise in several key areas of Oracle Fusion Middleware systems to implement mission critical back-office applications built using Oracle SOA Fusion Middleware Suite and highly scalable enterprise services. XDuce won the contract against cut-throat competition on the merit of the business proposal. They not only implemented SOA with speed and excellence but also saved at least 38% cost compared to the next most economical proposal. XDuce is surely a value creator in Oracle SOA space.

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Server Management

We believe that Proactive Maintenance is as vital to your business as a regular visit to the doctor.

The range of services that are available from XDuce are key in preventing future system issues and unscheduled down time. These preventative maintenance services range from scheduled engineering visits for systems administration tasks to proactive monitoring of your IT systems to identify and highlight any potential issues before they arise, carrying out health checks on your systems as well as online data back-up services.

Proactive maintenance services from XDuce are a complete range of services that have been designed for complete customer’s peace of mind. IT hardware and software problems are inevitable, but a regular check can help prevent unnecessary issues such as the downtime of a server.

IT Support services:

  • “Draw down days” for scheduled engineering tasks
  • Server health checks
  • Printer preventative maintenance services
  • Configuration and Installation Services
  • Moves and relocations

Be smart and look ahead. Preventative maintenance services can save you time and money and ensure that your company remains focused on the core capabilities and that system issues do not interfere with your day to day operations.

Draw Down Days

As part of our commitment to proactively support our customer’s IT environment and innovating our support offerings, XDuce negotiates many contracts with “Draw down Days”. These are a pre-agreed number of engineering support days allocated within the contract for site visits to carry out a number of IT administration and preventative maintenance tasks on the network.


  • Server Health Check
  • Software Patch upgrades
  • General Housekeeping
  • Anti-Virus software checks and updates
  • Printer preventative maintenance
  • Server backup software
  • Mail and Internet systems

Server Health Check and Server Patch Management:

Microsoft OS

  • Application Event Log
  • DNS
  • File Replication Services
  • Security
  • System Event Log
  • Microsoft Critical Patches

Server Hardware

  • Integrated Management Logs
  • Integrated Diagnostics (Dell/HP)
  • Hard Drives
  • Fans
  • Array Controllers

Server Room Location

  • Temperature
  • Ventilation

Server Patch Management:

XDuce can also provide server patch management. This service is based on Microsoft SMS Server. It is relatively easy to push out new service packs or patches using these utilities but historically the problems come with not testing the deployment against applications used in the computing environment. Because of this, it is important to utilize a thorough methodology to push out service packs and patches just as one would when pursuing application deployment.

The use of virtualization software is proving to be an invaluable tool for creating a cost effective and efficient test environment. XDuce has developed a fully configured VMware lab for proof of concept or application testing that is available to our customers.

The following steps will be adhered to when it comes to planning, testing and performing server patching:

  • Identify Business Critical Applications
  • Install Service Pack / Patches / Hot fixes in a test environment
  • Run Business Critical Applications in test environment (assuming all applications)
  • Document successes and failures
  • Determine Feasibility
  • Receive sign-off of testing
  • Design Rollout Procedure
  • Follow change management procedures
  • Implement Roll Out

Printer Preventative maintenance services

Is your internal IT staff spending excessive amounts of time dealing with printer issues? Do you find that over 60% of helpdesk calls are printer related and that the cost of printing is unjustified? Printers are just as critical to your business as any other IT equipment. They too need periodic care to remain in top condition. Printer maintenance can stop unnecessary printer downtime and can free up important internal IT resources. XDuce’s printer preventative maintenance services are designed to maintain and prolong the life of printers and to ensure their optimal performance.

The printer maintenance services provided by authorized XDuce service engineers include:

  • Remove toner/paper dust from the fuser assembly
  • Replace ozone filter if necessary
  • Restore corona transfer assembly
  • Clean cooling fans, inspect bushing and fan axle
  • Thoroughly inspect and lubricate machine gears
  • Clean exterior cabinet, remove inks and tape residue

Upon completion, the service engineer will provide a completed checklist of actions taken and making any appropriate recommendations.


XDuce offers configuration and installation services through our technical integration and state-of-the-art configuration center which provides the technical expertise and logistical capabilities to effectively manage the needs of our clients.

Apart from being the hub of our engineering, helpdesk and logistics services, our technical integration center has been designed with the ability to build, configure and ship multiple racks. Rack systems have become more and more critical as consulting engineers and data center managers have to direct their attention more and more towards power distribution, cooling, and cable management at rack level. The driving force behind this trend is compaction, as today’s IT equipment is designed with efficient rack- mounting capabilities to maximize the utilization of valuable floor space. Ideal rack systems and enclosures need to be flexible and scalable to address current needs and adapt to future technology trends.

As part of the Installation services; we install hardware systems, peripherals and network infrastructure solutions. Changes within a site can often offer a bigger challenge than first time installations. The entire process has to be handled in a manner that allows the continuation of day-to-day business without interruption or loss of quality.

XDuce is equipped to handle projects of any size and nature including the most complex multi-vendor, multi- platform, multinational installations services and upgrades for customers.


  • Printers
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Operation software updates or backups
  • Image Creation
  • Image control and Management
  • Asset Tagging & Recording
  • Deployment on Site
  • Full Delivery Services

Moves and Relocations Services

XDuce have a great deal of experience in providing IT relocation services to a large number of companies. The success XDuce has had in the provision of relocation services to fulfill our client’s relocation requirements is based on a number of factors, which include:

  • Our experience in understanding a client’s needs and matching them to the right resources
  • The fact that the qualifications, skills and experience of our technical staff are among the best in the industry
  • The “XDuce Project Management Approach” as applied to relocation services.

Whether a company is moving its entire operation to new premises, or moving an internal department within the same building, it can be a difficult, time-consuming and expensive task to organize and manage successfully in-house. XDuce have extensive experience in managing numerous IT relocation projects of this nature. We provide services to ensure that the physical move will happen successfully and with the minimum amount of disruption to the users business.

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