Having previously commissioned them for Oracle RAC implementation, XDuce was our top choice for installation, configuration and support of 3rd generations of Oracle EXADATA V2, X2 Boxes. XDuce management and implementation team worked closely with stakeholders in the project to ensure seamless implementation of ExaData and integration with our existing infrastructure and application systems. With their solid understanding of the ExaData product and dedication, XDuce could resolve various complex issues quickly. XDuce’s wide experience in infrastructure management & expertise depth in related Oracle technologies helped us in setting up infrastructure well ahead of the deadlines. This is the company to rely on for Oracle Infrastructure initiative.

styling   VP, IT Infrastructure; Major European Bank in North East


VP, IT Infrastructure


BPM Development

Software Development is what we do, live and understand. Our expertise is in ensuring your chosen BPM system is integrated throughout your system architecture.

Through the use of clever architecture and design, we seek to minimize ongoing maintenance while also helping you to achieve the cross-departmental benefits of BPM. We aim for clarity of communication and hence use process simulation and analysis which will help you identify process inefficiencies quickly.

By engaging XDuce for your BPM implementation and optimization, you will be avoiding common pitfalls whilst quickly and efficiently adopting a new technology.


IBM’s BPM is recognized as one of the leading human-centric BPM software.

Backed by years of proven software development and integration experience, our team of consultants are highly skilled, with broad process modeling and architectural knowledge. We believe in small agile teams that mentor your staff to become self-sufficient. We use IBM frameworks accelerating your learning and ensuring software uptake within your organization.

Using Process Elaboration Workshops, we help you select the most applicable starting point. XDuce bridges business concepts and technical complexity to accelerate the build and deployment of your BPM solution. XDuce’s Expedite BPM is a service pack that assists corporations to rapidly implement IBM’s BPM and begin the journey to process improvement.

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