We decided to engage XDuce based on strong reference from our associate company where they had implemented IBM Websphere middleware. XDuce helped us plan the design and build infrastructure for IBM BPM environment. They provided guidance on deployment strategies, environment sizing and licensing exercises. We also sought their help in configuration of multiple security layers for BPM applications. I found XDuce as extremely energetic, responsive and bankable organization for end to end BPM solution needs.

styling   Head – Business Process Management; a leading American Investment Bank in Financial District, NY


Head – Business Process Management

Full Time Staffing

XDuce‘s staffing solutions are backed by our recruiting framework and commitment to supporting our client’s business in partnership and fulfilling our candidates careers. Our Talent Acquisition & Search Innovation Teams are blended of technology expertise across many business sectors and technology across infrastructure, development and executive staffing with advanced and innovative techniques and methods. It is through this that we have brought success to contingent, retained, project, consulting and VMS/MSP staffing and ultimately to our clients and candidates.

Our Talent Acquisition team learns/knows our client’s culture, objectives and environment. They wear the brand of our clients when presenting opportunities directly to our candidates throughout the process and through social media marketing and professional networking.


Media• Advertising • Publishing • Startups • Incubators • Technology • Financial Services • Insurance • Telecommunications • Pharmaceutical • Healthcare • Logistics Executive Management • Solutions Architects • Program/project Managers • Product Managers • Infrastructure/IT operations & support • Security • Disaster Recovery • Software Engineers/Developers • Architects • Business analysts • Tech Writers • Data Warehouse • Database Developers & DBA’s!


Our design is made up of 6 sensible and core components ensuring success, integrity, time and cost savings.

We are on top of today’s latest trends from Node.JS to the hottest NOSQL database, from Oracle’s Web Center to Golden Gate from Emerging Startups and Incubators to expanding Innovation Divisions in Enterprise Corporations.

Our philosophy to know who and what we recruit for! We do not word match! People=Talent! XDuce’s Clients=XDuce’s Success!

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