“Hiring people is a form of investing. You have to do your research and make sure you’re spending your resources on the right pick.”

– Warren Buffet

Today’s hiring landscape demands data-centric talent sourcing strategies that is vital to the future of your organization. With the current hiring statistics where 52% of candidates are underqualified for the positions they have applied for, and 47% percent of companies reporting a shortage of qualified applicants, building an in-house recruitment engine for your business is imperative.

Looking at human resources as the ultimate strategic differentiator and placing them at the core of organizational practices helps nurture a future-ready workforce. Recruiters can now leverage deep human insight backed by a technology-centric approach to stay on the ‘ball’.

XDuce has handpicked some of the most crucial metrics and best practices in the recruitment landscape for killer talent sourcing strategies:


1. Lay out your sourcing strategy by creating candidate personas

Effective candidate sourcing is the beginning of creation of the ideal candidate personas. Candidate personas are a definitive benchmark for sourcing potential candidates especially when they are created by collaboration and driven by essential characteristics, skills, and traits.


2. Find ways to resurrect your sourcing pipeline

Nurture and maintain your sourcing pipeline with passive candidates – with the possibility of candidates that have previously applied to a position in your organization more likely to respond to a recruiter. Application tracking systems largely eliminate the redundant processes of searching and engaging with these candidates and verifying their relevancy in the talent pool.


3. Craft future hiring plans to expand your search

Predicting hiring needs for the future is a head start to business growth as it helps identify teams that are due for expansion. Identifying new candidates that match your candidate personas and company culture not only guarantees your organization a competitive edge but also gives you time to acclimatize to the shift in the workforce.


4. Focus on employer branding strategy

Building and nurturing your brand as an employer essentially translates into how your organization is perceived in the potential employer space. Invest in brand image with effective purpose statements, clarity, and engaging recruitment marketing strategies to attract the ideal candidates.


5. Use social media, all the way

Podcasts and YouTube channels are sure-fire ways to promote employment branding and introducing your organizational culture and potential employee benefits to job seekers. Interested candidates are bound to browse through personalized posts and tags on social media for expedited candidate engagement and an enhanced candidate experience.


With creating a talent sourcing strategy being an iterative process, XDuce recommends that KPIs are critical in determining recruitment effectiveness. Further,

job listings on your organizational website have become commonplace, and new methods for exploring innovative ways to tap into your ideal talent pool and reinvent your recruitment processes are the call of the hour. The prime focus of a well-crafted talent recruitment strategy is not only to become a talent magnet for quality candidates, but also to ensure that the candidate experience is on point!

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