“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

Research indicates that, on an average, a recruiter takes just about less than ten seconds to screen your resume for a subsequent interview! Which means that the first impression of your core skills and key performance metrics lies in an immaculately crafted document.

Whilst designing a resume can be an intimidating task notwithstanding the pressure of job hunting, technology has completely altered the dynamic career landscape. Essentially, resume builder tools are designed to provide tremendous value for boosting employee engagement – they transcend the paradigm shift in the recruitment ecosystem.

XDuce is a staffing partner and has been delivering tremendous business value to various clients with recurring engagement in terms of integration with top-notch staffing solutions. Read on to understand how this ‘one’ version of you in black and white can help you create your own personal brand!

We have hand-picked the top five online resume builder tools for enhanced visibility:

1. Zety

It has some of the most innovative resume building capabilities with various flavors such as chronological, functional, and combination structures. The cover letter builder from Zety is the gateway to landing yourself an interview. And the seamless, intuitive, easy to use interface and an extremely flexible text editor is worth a mention.

2. EnhanceCV

It boasts of a zero-learning curve when it comes to resume building with a difference. The embedded Content Analyzer that enables evolution of your resume as you go is especially interesting. With a high-end contemporary design, you are equipped with all the tools to create a bespoke profile and cover letter for every role that you are suited for.

3. Resume.com

It is designed with resultant data of unlimited surveys from employers and has all the makings of a cutting-edge resume service. They have captured the nuances of the hiring landscape, and they really are an answer to your otherwise time-intensive process of creating a professional resume.

4. Cakeresume

It is an avant-garde tool that simply works with a drag and drop to create the most visually appealing profiles. They have managed to deliver their tagline – ‘Make your resume a piece of cake’! Leverage their customizable layouts and the technological ability to create single pagers.

5. Hloom

It offers some of the most industry-specific resume templates and cover letters designed by professionals and backed by quick insights to creating a dream resume. They offer a deluge of styles and pre-written job descriptions to ensure that you are in complete control of what you are building.

Largely, these resume building tools enable you to reinforce personal branding and help you showcase your core competencies – and how it makes a world of difference in your job-seeking competitor pool.

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