Invention comes in many forms and at many scales. The most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity – to pursue their dreams.

– Jeff Bezos

More than fifteen years of extensive research in the ultra-scalable cloud services and non-SQL databases domain has resulted in Amazon’s enterprise-class Dynamo DB technology for internet-scale applications. Built on a simple API, Dynamo DB comprises less than twenty methods overall – with only a few related to reading and writing data. With a data model akin to Dynamo, yet, varying in implementation, Dynamo DB delivers cutting-edge performance at the rate of milliseconds on any scale!

XDuce has handpicked the top five key values that form the core of Amazon Dynamo DB by AWS.


1. Fully managed with point-in-time recovery

Database service with comprehensive cluster monitoring capabilities for workloads – sans the additional effort of server provisioning, setup, configuration, patch management, backup, or recovery for security and protection of your data during an accidental read or write operations.


2. End-end distributed with high availability

Dynamo DB technology performs high-end data retrieval by using key-value methods that essentially do not require a hard-coded schema definition for tables. Also offers unlimited data storage with no compromise on performance and flexibility during scale-up. Amazon Dynamo DB typically hoards all data on Solid State Drives (SSDs) to render built-in high availability and data permanence.


3. Top of the line reliability

Being replicated in three multiple AWS Availability locations, Dynamo DB is robust and reliable with an in-memory cache for low latency. It is also cost-effective – in terms of being unaffected by outages and designed on a core of rock-solid distribution systems practices and processes. Additionally, being serverless, Dynamo DB helps you leverage business value with minimal time and effort spent on resources and maintenance on on-premise servers.


4. Pay as you go usage model to promote scalability

Dynamo DB is built on an intuitive, on-demand model where it can scale up or down to accommodate traffic for the applications that are using the service. With an additional on-demand backup facility, a complete backup of your data at any given point in time is supported.


5. Impeccable integration with AWS services

Being a core AWS service, Dynamo DB has exceptional integration capabilities with other services that fall under the AWS umbrella. Services offered are full-text searches with CloudSearch, advanced data analytics with AWS EMR, data backup with AWS Data Pipeline, and Apache Hive on Amazon EMR for processing Dynamo DB data.

As an easy-to-use managed service, Dynamo DB ensures that both data and traffic are spread over multiple servers to ensure that the customer request capacity is adequately met with. AWS focuses on higher value application development without the administrative burden of operating and scaling distributed databases.

If you are looking to achieve ultra-high-throughput in the massive ecosystem of real-world applications, Dynamo DB is a world-class standard for fine-grained access control over data!

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