Data Science - R

We provide expertise in executing R scripts with relational data with open-source packages and frameworks. Our specially designed R packages for predictive analytics and machine learning are executed in-database without having to migrate data outside of the SQL Server.

Database Management

We provide cutting-edge consulting services in Database Design and Management, Application Development, and Database Administration. Our Database Software technology specialists craft well-regulated processes that help in effective data organization for boosting business productivity.

Data Warehouse

We provide dedicated services by enabling organizations to successfully develop, implement, and maintain data warehousing solutions. Our time-tested methodologies follow a completely functional approach for creating, managing, and delivering business profitability solutions for your enterprise.


Our Python-based services are largely used for managing and organizing data-heavy systems. Additionally, we help you get a head start with the rich selection of Python frameworks and libraries that eliminate code-intensive processes and expedite your time-to-market.

Big Data and NoSQL

We design NoSQL databases that are scalable and can be deployed on large distributed systems. Our technological expertise for handling extensive data loads allow storage and querying of data using various methodologies and are software specific.

Data Appliances

Our data appliance services and deployment models offer a high level of flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing market dynamics. These highly scalable Cloud services are available on a rich and secure analytics platform.

Why Choose Us

XDuce is a key player in providing exemplary consulting services for a myriad of Cloud -centric applications. We specialize in technological expertise to deliver a portfolio of solutions that drive immeasurable value for your business. Reap the advantages of Cloud-based solutions with scalability and functionality with reduced maintenance and infrastructural costs.

Customized Solution

We work with you to create bespoke solutions and well-regulated processes from the ground up for managing and handling mission-critical Cloud database services.

Unprecedented Business Value

We generate value for our clients across key business functions through our comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end Cloud solution offerings.

Enhanced Productivity

Our skilled technical architects understand your business to help create metrics-driven methodologies to innovate, enhance, transform, enhance, and optimize your business.

Increased ROI

We use our best practices to expedite adoption and Return on Investment across the gamut of Cloud-based suite of products and services.

Best-In-Class Service

We offer a gamut of end-to- end solutions for your enterprise that range from consulting, implementation, deployment, and rollouts, to monitoring and management of tools and services.

Cloud-Centric Framework

Our cutting-edge delivery framework utilizes the best-in-class cloud strategies to seamlessly integrate your legacy infrastructure and applications with the Cloud.


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