Our Cloud architects help you deliver end-end cloud enterprise solutions by simulating your infrastructural environment in the Cloud.

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”



Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is essentially virtualized hardware or a computing infrastructure that offers an enhanced Cloud experience. These pooled servers and networking resources allows dynamic scalability for your enterprise in terms of designing your own solutions along with bringing about reduced network and storage maintenance capital and other complexities. IaaS providers typically provide access to virtual data centers when you rent the hardware and the provisioning software that automates it.

Why XDuce for IaaS?

XDuce consulting services helps you move your IT systems and infrastructure to the Cloud. After completing a holistic analysis of your organizational requirements, we aid in rapid deployment and implementation of the new infrastructure to help instantly reduce maintenance and other capital-intensive expenses.

Our domain expertise includes migrating your current software and hardware infrastructure to the IaaS service as well as training and enabling your workforce on using and managing IaaS.


XDuce leverages your existing infrastructure to strategize and recommend bespoke service models for your enterprise.

Our core focus is to help in identifying and adapting significant cost-cutting processes with the new ‘pay-as- you-use’ services or resources resulting in reduced IT overheads. We help organizations lease out virtual space in state-of- the-art data centers, and other utilities for maintaining and deploying computer servers, cloud networks, and storage space.

Our Cloud computing expertise has greatly enhanced business performance in several organizations by completely eliminating the complexities involved in infrastructure scalability. We strive to deliver cost-cutting effective services for migrating, deploying, and managing your on-premise workloads in the Cloud.

Rapid Scalable Deployment
Simplified Infrastructure Management
Low Ownership Costs
Flexible On-Demand Capacity

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