Create a comprehensive, in-class secure portfolio of software and hardware to engineer highly complex applications on a ‘pay-as- you-go’ basis.

“In Cloud computing the difference between a dark cloud and a cloud with a silver lining, is the partner that implements it.”



Platform as a Service (PaaS) is essentially a Cloud computing model that delivers hardware and software required for application development, as a service. A typical PaaS solution also offers resources such as development tools, libraries, and database management systems without the added onus of having to manage installation or infrastructural logistics. PaaS helps completely transform the IT functional area of your enterprise by simulating this infrastructure in the Cloud.

Why XDuce for PaaS?

XDuce consulting services partners with Oracle PaaS to help your organization recreate this infrastructure in the Cloud. We help you discern the need for lower levels of operational security with a holistic environment that can be leveraged for designing and deploying highly complicated applications.

XDuce manages your PaaS infrastructure to deliver enriched customer experience and operational excellence – from the server-side scripting environment, and support storage network access to tools for design and development hosting with a substantial amount of flexibility.

Below are the top modules we have implemented for several organizations!


XDuce helps not only in provisioning and monitoring the lower-level infrastructure resources, but also in providing automated workflows for completely managed application development and deployment platforms.

Our Cloud architects maintain an effective PaaS environment in your organization that ensures an integrated environment and close collaboration between global teams. The entire app lifecycle from building, to testing and deployment is independent on the in-house hardware or software, as we aid successful businesses in delivering efficient on-demand services to all parts of the organization.

Engage with us to expedite your development and deployment processes by using the PaaS solution to eliminate the complexities of security and scalability in your organization.

Increased Agility
Real-Time Capacity Provisioning
Cross-Domain Control
Highly Optimised Application Server Ratios

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