“The speed of innovation we’re achieving would not have been possible without MuleSoft and our API strategy”
– Ben Turner (CTO, L&G GI)

The deluge of APIs and SaaS-based applications has caused a mega paradigm shift in today’s integration platform spectrum – from ESB-led connectivity to API-led connectivity. Mulesoft is an avant-garde platform that industry giants are eventually adopting as their ‘go-to’ integration solution for a plethora of their API development activities. This cutting-edge middle-tier application architecture is the answer to developing foundational strength with a completely scalable API strategy that promises to optimize near-term output.

As organizations are looking to elevate their digital innovation strategy, APIs are bound to offer greater flexibility in comparison with the erstwhile ESBs that are used to integrate multiple systems for robust and well-understood business processes. MuleSoft’s business goal started with ‘to reduce donkey’s work’ and led to the innovation of the world’s largest integration platform AnyPoint. AnyPoint allows seamless integration of the SOA infrastructure from current platforms with SaaS technology on the public or private cloud with the ease of adopting other cloud-related technologies.

XDuce has been successfully delivering world-class MuleSoft consulting services that are designed around empowering your digital strategy, with end-end implementation and integration services that are best fit for your business model. We strive to adhere to API building best practices and methodologies with scalability, flexibility, and reliability round the clock. Our in-house MuleSoft development experts help connect and integrate your API, data source, or application – both on-premise and on the Cloud. Our execution of innovative solutions is in line with integration-based best practices and processes backed by cutting-edge tools, templates, standards, and guidelines.

XDuce also offers ‘on-demand’ staffing services to MuleSoft system integrators who serve as a channel between our staffing services and their clients. Using our relation-driven strategy, we have been consistently delivering unmatched bottom-line results by focusing on the system integrators to serve. Our insight is the key to developing unique marketing and sales strategies for different types of decision-makers. The right process generates consistency and ensures that our client expectations are being met.

Our exemplary staffing solutions see the growing rise of APIs and MuleSoft technology with the following key takeaways:

  • A glimpse of the connected technological revolution
  • Analyzing the long-drawn processes of integration
  • Redefining the conventional application stack
  • Creation of light-weighted apps with easy elimination of redundant modules very easily.
  • Exhaustive and development-friendly with a vast tool library designed to support a host of programming languages.

Our top-notch Flexi staffing services are designed to accommodate today’s economic volatility and market dynamics – whether it is integrating applications, modernizing legacy systems, enabling APIs, connecting cloud to cloud, or cloud to on-premise systems. If you are looking for exponential career development in Mulesoft technology, reach us for a future-ready workforce strategy with our integration knowledge and best practices.

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