Your human talent is your most important talent.”

– Carla Harris, Wall Street banker, motivational speaker, and author of Expect to Win


Studies in the US have revealed that staffing agencies benefit businesses by saving time and effort with increased productivity in comparison to most internal teams. Staffing firms can provide a scalable workforce – what with an unlimited talent pool of candidates to choose from. With the onus of running a business, the added dilemma of hiring top-of-the-line talent in-house can not only become challenging and unproductive but remain a back-burner priority.

Successful businesses have now begun to recognize that human resources are their most valuable assets and a critical strategic differentiator – and placing them at the core of organizational practices is vital for a future-ready workforce. To be able to streamline costs, a multitude of organizations are working towards creating a desirable employer brand that involves attracting, engaging, and mentoring top talent to deliver the right employee experience. And that is when collaborating with a staffing agency might be the solution. The ‘right recruiter’ for your staffing requirements can make a value-added impact on your organization’s assets by helping filter out the best talent.

XDuce has handpicked some of the surefire methods of ensuring that you collaborate with the right staffing provider in the US:


1. Evaluate and understand your staffing requirements for long-term benefits

Depending on your staffing needs – temporary, long-term, or hybrid, narrow down your list of staffing agencies that match your industry or domain. Typically, niche services are not only network-deficient but limit your focus areas, thereby, reducing your organization’s chances of finding the ideal candidates. Multi-faceted staffing networks have an expanded horizon that allows candidate sourcing from varying backgrounds with transferrable skillsets and an increased level of consolidation.


2. Dedicated Account Manager

A staffing team that comes with a dedicated point of contact ultimately ensures a better understanding of your organizational needs and culture. A dedicated account manager with a team of skilled recruiters is more focused on personalized services and helping make the best-recruiting decisions. The idea is to nurture a structured follow-up cycle – from screening and selection of the candidate profile till on-boarding of selected resources.


3. Study their candidate sourcing strategy and recruitment process

A deep understanding of the staffing provider’s candidate sourcing strategies is a foolproof method of evaluating various agencies. Insight into the agencies’ strategy and values can largely determine whether they are in alignment with your own. Evaluate the staffing firm’s selection process for sourcing and engaging candidates for your openings, and the tools and technology they employ to network and build their talent pool.


4. Employ an agency that has transparent processes and values your timeline

A discerning staffing provider will always factor in your organization’s bigger picture and timeline whilst hiring for various positions – short-term, contract, or long-term and permanent employees. This especially applies to big agencies that may pose a risk of being incompetent when you need a quicker turnaround. However, a larger agency tracks positions your company is hoping to hire for and fosters an ongoing communication channel. Collaborate with an agency that guarantees ROI and provides clarity throughout the staffing process.


Working with a vetted staffing agency ensures a mutually beneficial partnership for our organization. The end goal is to strive to ensure that that your human resources are efficiently managed for business excellence.

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