All organizations have a single, overarching goal – to transform their workforce with the core of the organization being their people. With the paradigm shift in today’s recruitment space, the Oracle HCM Cloud interface is essentially about creating bespoke solutions that resonate with your natural work culture, and therefore, enhance productivity. With a completely configurable and expandable HCM platform, Oracle HCM Cloud provides tools to manage value-added processes with an edge in terms of simplifying user experience. Organizations can now focus on successfully delivering operational efficiency by transforming HR processes and best practices, and policies and technology.

Here are some of today’s most common HR challenges in complex industries that can be handled and implemented by Oracle HCM Cloud:

  • Dynamic nature of employment laws and regulations
  • Technological obsolescence in innovation
  • Dearth of skilled labor
  • Complexities in contracts
  • Obsolete workforce
  • Diversity in solutions
  • Data security

Typical drivers for enabling HR transformation in your organization are the ability to simplify, elevate, and prosper. The challenge is to ensure that the HR processes are as efficient as possible to be able to allow the organization to deliver on its mandate.

    • ‘Simplify’ complex HR processes to deliver an effective and modern user experience design.
    • ‘Elevate’ end-user experience with seamless transformation with a flexible, adaptive, and scalable operational strategy.
    • ‘Prosper’ with enhanced employee engagement to help your organization gravitate toward talent-centric processes and boost productivity across all levels.


    Irrespective of whether your organization is going through a sea change in terms of systems, mergers, re-organization, acquisitions, or regulatory compliance, it is imperative to keep your systems updated and agile to accommodate these challenges. Migration to Oracle HCM Cloud essentially enables compliance, simplification, and standardization, transparency, and reduced costs. A world-class HR solution is equipped with capabilities to provide holistic support for local as well as industry compliance.

    Organizations can deliver simplified functionality to the greatest level versus trying to incorporate new changes with customized features that would require additional overheads and maintenance. The cutting-edge HCM platform comprises predictive analytics’ capabilities, and stringent and collaborative methods and tools that will help you maintain and manage an effective workforce. Largely, implementation costs can be reduced with native solutions and reduced dependency on IT.

    Oracle HCM Cloud has power-packed features that can effectively manage a complex workforce to drive tremendous business value. The implementation framework omes with inbuilt capabilities and automated workflows along with the flexibility to scale and streamline employee engagement, recruiting, position and absence management, collective agreements, grade step progression, seniority rules, time and labor management, health and safety, and HR Help desk.

    Improvise Recruitment processes with Oracle Recruiting Cloud

    Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a comprehensive feature which ensures seamless integration of your workforce data with the HCM solution – to ease recruitment and onboarding, leadership development, performance management, career growth, training, workforce planning, collaboration, and other organizational design-related practices and systems.

    Simplified Employee Experience with Oracle Global HR Cloud

    Oracle Global HR Cloud helps build a collaborative, insightful, and engaging employee and executive experience using the best practices of Oracle HCM. With a gamut of key features such as Position Management, Grade Step Progression, Absence Management, and Time and Labor organizations can gravitate towards effective workforce management whilst providing users with a simplified user experience.

    Automate Grade Step Progression for Resources

    The Grade Step Progression automates resource progression from one level to the next. Essentially constructed on configurable business rules and pre-defined criteria, data for progression can be activity or date-centric based on requirement.

    Position Management

    The Position Management feature allows you to effectively manage various positions across the management hierarchy with core focus on optimizing organization management, position control, and position budgeting. Open positions can be viewed without requisitions using this functionality.

    Absence Management

    Oracle Absence Management essentially simplify compliance, and provide standardized time off processes, and intuitive self-service capabilities. With the Absence framework being structured and scalable, it has the ability to automate absence eligibility for HR events, closely control absence costs, and predict productivity trends.

    Time and Labor

    Oracle Time and Labor allows an organization to monitor costs whilst elevating conditions for productivity and greater compliance. Simple, easy-to-use interfaces help in viewing and managing employees’ for analyzing productivity, labor spend, and overtime incurred.

    Workforce Health and Safety:

    Oracle Workforce Health and Safety Health offers standards that largely contribute to the psychological well-being of employees. Deterioration in employee psyche generally occurs due to high work-related stress, limited time, and general employee burnout. This largely means that HR must monitor escalating workloads and stress levels and maintain an open-door policy to address these concerns and drive response and rapid adoption.

    HR Help Desk:

    HR Help Desk (HRHD) is a complete end-end case management solution for effective case assignment and management. Managers and reportees are guaranteed a seamless user experience with power-packed functionality such as secure social collaboration, data security and privacy management, embedded knowledge, and automated action strategy.


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