Achieve extreme automation in the sales cycle and process workflows by leveraging the power of Oracle Integration Cloud

WHAT IS Oracle Integration Cloud?

Oracle Integration Cloud is a cutting-edge integration solution that has largely transformed the sales cycle by drastically simplifying and expediting the time to market for new business services by delivering pre-built integration flows, and unifying application integration, process automation, and associated analytics into one single solution.

The Cloud especially helps achieve extreme automation in the fundamental steps in the sales cycle, and eliminates the prosaic data entry and integration processes to enable business users to expedite selling. Essentially, this solution leverages pre-designed adapters and process flows from Oracle and its partners to streamline the flow of data from to Oracle CPQ, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards, and a multitude of other applications.

Why XDuce for Oracle Integration Cloud?

XDuce has been a pioneer in the ‘on-premises CRM’ and ‘ERP integration’ space, with specialization in integrating with SaaS applications such as We have successfully eliminated redundancy in the archaic integration challenges by simplifying customer data synchronization between applications, resulting in the delivery of high quality of SaaS-embedded integration projects. Our core integration processes cover the entire gamut of solutions across application integration and data integration by seamless implementation of a single, unified solution across application and process automation.

Some of the key features of OIC that XDuce has successfully implemented:


We have a deep understanding of Cloud technology including data integration for ETL/ELT (Extract, Transform, & Load) and streaming data, and manage potential challenges with a web-based, intuitive integration designer with point-and-click integration between applications.

XDuce helps simplify order management technology in your organization by configuring real-time monitoring dashboards for real-time insight into transactions. Reach us for end-end support and holistic management of data movement and data enrichment, enabling complete data access to critical parts of your organization.





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