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XDuce boasts of an elusive organization culture that is a unique synthesis of mutual respect, collaboration, and support – that has been consistently delivering bottom-line results such as innovation, productivity, and passion. Essentially, we are work-life integration driven, and provide psychological safety and a great level of autonomy to our employees to make them feel valued, accepted, and respected in a positive work environment.


With motivation levels at an all-time high, we believe in teamwork, a general sense of collaboration, and a strong ‘growth oriented’ approach for professional and personal development of our workforce.

Timeline Of Our Journey

Employee Testimonials

Naimesh Rajyaguru

My career at XDuce started as an HR Executive, and the journey from there has been extremely fulfilling – both professionally and personally. I now manage my own team as a Talent Development Manager and here’s to a long association with this exceptional organization!

– Talent Development Manager


Nikhil Jain

After having been with multiple organizations, XDuce has been the most satisfying to work at in terms of the work culture that it offers. With many years of operations across various demographics, they have fostered a positive and energetic work environment for their employees!

– Team Manager




Jalpan Joshi

Working with XDuce for more than three years has given me a massive learning curve with the confidence to handle new challenges every day. The positive work atmosphere can be seen across all levels in the organization – complete with energy , transparency, and a sense of ownership!

– Sr. Finance Executive


Sanjay Rajpurohit

Associating with XDuce for over 4 years has been the most rewarding experience for me. With a management that is passionate and positive, the work dynamic at every level has pushed me towards excellence and continued learning!

– Sr. Client Partner


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