XDuce offers top-of-the-line Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) consulting services that are aimed at designing frameworks for rapid and cost-effective system development.

“Top-down management is plan-based, hierarchical, and totalitarian. Bottom-up management is humane, consensual, and egalitarian. Effective.”

– Philip Wik


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style that is service-centric and self-contained. This application architecture is defined using a description language, and has interfaces that can be invoke to perform business processes. Each interaction is independent of the other, and the infrastructure protocols that determine the communication system do not have any bearing on the interfaces.

When you have an enterprise solution that is built on top of an SOA, it can immensely extend capabilities to enhance visibility across the supply chain. 

Why XDuce for SOA?

XDuce delivers effective SOA frameworks for enterprises that has largely improved the quality of systems, and therefore, has generated better business services and operating models. We have revolutionized SOA implementation by designing customized systems to help align your business processes. Our SOA expertise pool comprises specialized consultants with extensive domain knowledge who monitor the end-to-end SOA design, implementation, and maintenance.


XDuce has proven SOA-centric development methodologies, frameworks, and tools used for implementations across multiple platforms and technologies. Our industry-standard processes help reduce maintenance costs through enhanced control and visibility. 

XDuce drastically reduces your overall ‘time-to-market’ by designing reusable architecture and components in our SOA implementation. We adopt strategies and methodologies to ensure seamless implementation and deployment with the prime focus on reusability of components and tools. Our services help leverage your legacy systems to avoid capital exploitation and create business sustainability.

Enhanced Competitive Advantage

Automated Workflows

Simplified Implementation

Embedded Business Intelligence

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