Achieve extreme automation in the sales cycle and process workflows by leveraging the power of integrating cloud services

Salesforce is a cutting-edge platform that drives a huge ROI by delivering extreme automation in the sales cycle and eliminates prosaic data entry and integration processes to enable business users to expedite selling.

Integrating Salesforce data with automation systems not only transforms the sales cycle by simplifying and expediting the time to market for new business services, but also helps synthesize multiple data sets to uncover new insights and optimize operational processes.

Why XDuce for Salesforce Integration?

XDuce provides seamless integration of process flows, Cloud, and custom application data to streamline the flow of data between and a multitude of other applications. We have been pioneers in the ‘on-premises CRM’ and ‘ERP integration’ space, with specialization in integrating with applications such as

We drive Salesforce adoption in your organization by seamless integration of a single, unified solution across application and process automation. Our in-house integration experts cover the entire gamut of solutions across application and data integration in tune with your integration requirements with Sales, Service & Community Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, Marketing Cloud /Pardot, Salesforce Integration (MuleSoft) and Salesforce Data Services (ETL).

Some of the key solutions that XDuce has successfully implemented:


XDuce has been consistently delivering exemplary integration solutions in the Salesforce data space. We provide end-end support and holistic integration of your applications with Salesforce data or an existing stack, enhanced data movement and enrichment, and complete data access to critical parts of your organization.

We work with close collaboration to deliver cost-effective process improvements. Our in-house experts will deep dive into your existing systems and practices for a holistic understanding of your challenging areas. We further strategize and provide effective recommendations for efficiency gains and help create a Salesforce ecosystem. Understanding of client requirements and analysis is an integral part of our delivery model with migration, custom development, implementation, and integration support.

Reliability and cost-effective support

In-Depth Analysis and Actionable Strategy

Gamut of Services from Commerce to Engagement

Robust Platform and Analytics

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