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As a Procurement Manager, IT Director or functional user, you want to reduce your Oracle licensing capex and opex costs, maximize return on this investment and ensure you are getting the optimal return on you investment. Considering Oracle’s string of acquisitions and constant changes to their Software Licensing, how do you keep abreast of these changes and ensure that you can own the potential benefits for your organization? XDuce licensing Services has a team of specialists that make it their business to analyze these changes and advise our 100+ clients.

Why XDuce for Oracle Licensing?

Our primary objective is to review your License and Support portfolio, map that to your business drivers and provide you with options to assist you in maximizing your investment. This exercise will ensure that you are licensed appropriately for all of the Oracle products it uses or plans to use as well as to help minimize any related costs. XDuce has performed similar reviews for other companies that have led to significant cost savings and risk management. We have a team of Oracle Licensing specialists with extensive experience on Oracle Licensing that will assist you in navigating through all the intricacies involved.


XDuce License Management Services strongly advocates the approach that Licensing should be simple to manage by design. This will position you to be informed and have control of their Software assets in the first place. In time, the cost of managing a complex, disparate environment (DBA time, Contract negotiations, License Administration time etc.) far outweighs the effort to plan and structure your environment effectively as a first principle. This allows the benefits associated with design rather than maintenance.

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