HCM Analytics helps transform HR processes and best practices, policies, and technology. Deep value-added workforce analytics are generated using state-of-the-art dashboards and reports to help you leverage modern Human Resource methodologies and processes.
Oracle HCM Cloud is essentially a ‘power-packed’ combination of a set of modern tools and processes that can measure, analyze, and organize high-end employee data. HR leaders use workforce analytics to obtain a holistic and deeper view of employee management. Combined with a state-of-the-art reporting system, both predictive and prescriptive workforce analytics allow you to use value-added metrics and role-based processes as an approach to managing people as strategic assets.

HCM Analytics for Executives delivers cutting-edge global workforce executive dashboards. Predictive workforce analytics helps executives examine exhaustive workforce data to be able to determine employees that have the highest success potential within the organization. Executives and HR leaders are, therefore, more equipped to make smarter, data-driven decisions on-demand whilst leveraging recruitment and internal development processes. HCM also delivers meaningful advanced analytics in terms of trending and snapshot analytics to organizations by using stringent and collaborative methods that will help maintain and manage an effective workforce. Cross-source workforce analytics with a single view can also be obtained across multiple business systems in order to boost targeted HR strategy.

HCM Analytics for Analysts delivers compensation-related data that largely impacts HR processes by providing an in-depth understanding of retention and employee movement. A single cloud solution is built across human resources, skill management, learning, talent acquisition and recruitment, HR help desk, payroll, benefits, time and labor. The unified HCM platform alerts you of impending employee flight risks or recommends learning opportunities for your human resources. Oracle HCM Cloud also uses Adaptive Intelligence (AI), which combines data with advanced machine learning and sophisticated decision science to help improve talent management.

HCM Analytics for Managers delivers an all-encompassing solution for talent management by helping streamline and optimize your organizational processes. From recruitment to onboarding, workforce mobility, retention, compensation management, leadership development, performance management, company benefits, and other organizational design-related practices and systems, visibility of such magnitude can contribute exponentially to organizational growth. Further, this solution empowers your organization to gravitate toward talent-centric operational strategy and sees that your human resources are efficiently recruited and managed for business excellence. A global talent framework allows you to quickly assess your workforce and identify the talent that play a significant role in realizing goals for your organization.

HCM Analytics for Casual Users helps build a collaborative, insightful, and engaging employee and executive experience using the best practices of Oracle HCM. The Oracle HCM Cloud interface in ‘self-service’ mode can help you create bespoke solutions that resonate with your natural work culture, therefore, enhancing productivity. Employee-specific information can be viewed and updated with reduced dependency on IT. HCM Cloud can also help rebuild your organizational charts or remodel your workforce with your existing compensation data, and process pay slips that comprise a record of complete payroll-related data. Empower your employees to leverage these methodologies to meet clearly delineated and consistently communicated performance expectations with cutting-edge performance management reports.

Here are Some Good Points of Oracle HCM Analytics Module :

  • Oracle HCM Cloud Benefits :

Oracle HCM Cloud provides seamless benefits by allowing you to quickly perform some basic mapping and complete integration with core HR systems and the larger ERP ecosystem.

  • Oracle HCM Analytics Benefits :

Oracle HCM Analytics combines data with advanced machine learning and sophisticated decision science to help largely improve talent management.

  • Oracle HCM Analytics Features :

Oracle HCM Analytics has in-built modules for Executives, Managers, Analysts, and Casual Users that contributes to an insightful and engaging employee and executive experience.

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud for HR :

Oracle Analytics Cloud for HR helps you engage with a dedicated HR community across the globe.

  • Oracle HCM Cloud Reporting and Analytics :

Oracle HCM Cloud Reporting and Analytics delivers world-class solutions by obtaining, analyzing, and reporting on data that facilitates guided decision-making for your organization.

  • HCM Cloud Using Reports and Analytics :

HCM Cloud uses reporting and analytics to help your organization gravitate toward talent-centric and consumer-based operational strategy.

  • Planning & Analytics with Oracle HCM :

Planning and Analytics with Oracle HCM provides seamless integration of your workforce data with the HCM solution and therefore, ensures that your organizational processes are streamlined.

  • HCM Analytics for Your Business :

HCM Analytics for your business enables your organization to deliver on its mandate by using cutting-edge HR processes, meaningful insights, and best practices.

How XDuce will Help You…!

XDuce is a global partner that has been consistently delivering meaningful business information to organizations by using stringent and collaborative methods, tools, and analytics that will help you maintain and manage an effective workforce. Our implementation services focuses not only on the developmental practices of people, but also on the transactional nuances of workforce management by obtaining, analyzing, and reporting on data that facilitates guided decision-making for your organization.

We help build an implementation framework with automated workflows along with the flexibility to scale and effectively balance people, processes, and technology that boost workforce productivity.
When you engage with us, your organization transcends human resources to enhance workforce vision. Reach us if you are looking to fostering growth, culture, and skills in your work environment and maximizing your Oracle HCM Cloud experience.

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