Leverage our proven methodologies for strategic planning and consulting backed by comprehensive and action-oriented execution plans.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

– Michael Porter


In its very essence, business strategy is beating your competition in being distinct about operations at a higher level – from prioritizing resources among the competing demands to maximize revenue. Strategy consulting is the industry practice of assisting businesses with incorporation and execution of high-level decisions.

Why XDuce for Business Transformation?


XDuce Business Transformation and consulting services helps your Executive team synthesize an integrated strategic plan for the subsequent success of your business. We provide deep and comprehensive strategic insights and engage with the leadership team and other key stakeholders in your enterprise for the optimization of successful plan implementation and execution.

Our expertise in strategic plan development enables us to design an approach that will incorporate the operating requirements and constraints of your enterprise environment. We help build a foundation from which business processes are executed and generate the desired business outcomes. At XDuce, our understanding of strategic planning encompasses assessment and health evaluation processes to implementation and management. We aid in actively managing applications to monitor cost and provide the required agility for faster-paced business situations.

Few Key Strategic services that XDuce has successfully delivered:


XDuce is a seasoned player in the strategic planning, development, and implementation space and has been delivering action-oriented strategic plans across heterogeneous industries and business situations. Our team-centric approach facilitates a broader organizational involvement in the high-level business decision-making process.

Our core focus is design and development of new operating models for the high-velocity businesses, backed by business and application strategy. We strategize to carry out health checks and define roadmaps that include GAP analyses, deep dives, governance, and cost analyses. Our implementation services typically comprise technology upgrades, Cloud migration, process improvements, and Cloud application management. We also offer managed services in terms of post ‘Go-live’ and production support for applications and technology management.

XDuce essentially delivers the required data, framework, and support to enable your leadership teams’ seamless alignment with organizational objectives.

Technology Portfolio Assessment

Productivity & Maintenance Benchmarking

Application Development and Integration

Implementation Roadmaps

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