The procurement industry is witnessing innovation at an increasingly rapid pace, especially with ERP Cloud-based technologies impacting ownership costs, productivity, accessibility, and a more coherent and navigable global supply chain. Typically, procurement Cloud expedites decision-making, therefore, reducing the overall turnaround time of the ‘procure-to-pay’ cycle through quick data retrieval, intuitive dashboards, and seamless collaboration.

The overall transformation from the existing ERP-based reporting tools to Oracle Procurement Cloud offers the following value-added benefits:

  • Improved flexibility and interoperability in the Cloud offers a gamut of ‘best-of-breed’ solutions, where you essentially strategize and use the features that only make sense for your enterprise in the Cloud.
  • Reduced costs with minimal upfront investments and maintenance capital.
  • Flexi ‘pay-as-you-use’ subscription model that allows you to minimize operational expenses and disengage from the services based on usage.
  • End-to-End seamless integration that largely eliminates data redundancy and manual intervention.

Oracle Procurement Cloud empowers the decision-making process and strategic planning process with power-packed features that include Sourcing, Contracting, Procure to Pay, and Supplier Management.

  • Sourcing essentially comprises collaboration that facilitates requirements gathering, document sharing, and negotiation effectiveness with the Oracle Social Network and sourcing teams. Streamlining uses modern, intuitive tools and methods to simplify negotiation activities. Analyzing helps gain deep insight into spend opportunities to be able to maximize negotiated savings.
  • Contracting comprises standardization of business policies using pre-loaded templates for contracts and clause libraries. It improves visibility in terms of transparent processes for searchable contract repositories, automation of renewals, and capturing of amendments and addendums. Compliance is achieved through electronic signatures, enforced document approvals, and identification of anomalies in the system.
  • Procure to Pay largely comprises automation of processes that include invoice matching and payment to enable your organization to shift focus to more strategy-based activities. It simplifies the consumer buying experience with increased employee assistance. Enforced negotiated pricing helps leverage your negotiated pricing and terms to maximize savings.
  • Supplier Management typically comprises qualification management that enables support for supplier programs, negotiation award decision-making, and compliance. Improved Information Accuracy helps capture real-time updates and responses when there is an increased risk due to anomalies in supplier qualifications or capabilities. Supplier Collaboration provides actionable insight to suppliers to enable collaboration through document sharing and commentary.

XDuce has been consistently delivering cutting-edge ERP Procurement Cloud solutions across various enterprises. Our holistic ERP Cloud implementation services cover the entire procurement lifecycle – from managing data security requirements, assessing the ability to conform to regulatory compliance, to addressing the needs of strategic suppliers. We ensure increased transactional efficiency in the procurement process by helping design and deploy bespoke ERP Cloud solutions that are the best fit for your business.

Our best-in-class solutions help you recognize the benefits of integrated procurement solutions to streamline sourcing processes and deliver more savings with more predictable costs. XDuce is a global leader with emerging technologies in moving procurement processes to the Cloud to help you control and optimize the cost associated with implementation, maintenance, and training. Reach us for key procurement services and enhanced functionality through system-wide innovation.

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