Oracle Financials Cloud is a cutting-edge, comprehensive, financial management solution that helps manage all aspects of finance across heterogeneous enterprises. This complete, modern suite delivers continuous innovation in key technologies such as mobile, social and analytics deployed in the Cloud to achieve more, faster, and with less resources. From identifying new KPIs to generating deep financial insights, Oracle’s ERP Financial Cloud encompasses every nuance of the financial economic space. Designed to provide your organization with a competitive financial edge, these solutions have redefined financial agility for a variety of enterprises.

A key business transformation such as this allows you to further focus on aligning the benefits of Financials Cloud with your business, and using these solutions helps leverage optimum returns on your Oracle Cloud investments. ERP Financials Cloud empowers modern finance and delivers customer success with streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and improved business decisions. This suite of solutions elevates your financial practices with rich features that comprise Ledger and Analytics, Payables and Assets, Revenue Management, Receivables, Collections, and Expenses.

  • Ledger and Analytics comprises Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform that facilitates real-time management and analysis of account balances across any dimension. Self-Service Reporting has superior mobile capabilities that help flag and address concerns and issues. Collaborative Close has a collaborative close process that largely improves visibility. Visualization Capabilities allows for multiple views of account balances powered by interaction.

  • Payables And Assets comprises Invoices and Payments that help monitor supplier balances, invoices, and payments. Integrated Imaging uses the OCR for automated imaging and reduced errors. Assets helps track and account fixed assets. Cash Management allows you to manage and monitor bank accounts, and cash positions and forecasts.

  • Revenue Management comprises Contract and Performance Obligations that uses a set of configurable rules for creating contracts and performance obligations. Revenue Allocations help automated revenue allocation across performance obligations. Recognition helps recognize revenue for performance obligations at a given point in time or over a certain period of time. Liabilities and Assets facilitate accrual of liabilities and assets for performance obligations valued at expected consideration.

  • Receivables comprises Customers that allow central management of customer data. Customer Invoices and Payments help generate customer invoices, and receive and apply customer payments. Balance and Revenue Management allows you to manage customer balances and identify revenue. Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting to Cash allows management of the end-end ‘quote to order to cash’ process.

  • Collections comprise Customer Ranking that allows unique ranking of customers with configurable scoring. Strategies largely increase efficiency by allocating work to collectors. Payment Management improves cash flow with the essential promise and payment capabilities. Later-Stage Collections allow you to identify and track customers who have declared bankruptcy.

  • Expenses essentially comprises Self-Service that allows daily creation and submission of expense reports. Policy Controls enforces expense management controls with the required approvals and audits. Mobile Expenses allows entry of ‘on-the-go’ expenses. Project and Travel Integration is tightly integrated with Project Financials and GetThere to accelerate business processes.

XDuce is a preferred Oracle partner and a pioneer in rapid implementation of Oracle Financials Cloud across various organizations. We automate and streamline the labor-intensive processes of documenting and assessing business practices to meet your financial reporting compliance regulations. Our end-end support and quality-compliant standards includes continuous supervision whilst automating, defining, and streamlining accounting and other reporting processes. We have in-house core expertise in Cloud implementation that not only help us gather requirements from operations and regulatory perspective across the globe, but also enable our customers to maintain, expand, and implement dynamic business processes for growth and expansion over a longer horizon of operations.

When you engage with us, you leverage our financial project management expertise for delivering reliable and secure financial solutions and gaining strategic business advantage. Reach us if you are looking to integrate a comprehensive and scalable financial management solution with your organization.

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