Oracle’s EPM Planning and Budgeting Cloud is a holistic planning and budgeting solution that uses the simplicity of the Cloud to drive enormous business value. Essentially, our planning and budgeting solutions ensure enhanced integration of planning and budgeting functions across various sub-budgets such as Sales, production, HR, and Finance. We integrate these cutting-edge solutions to drastically reduce speculation and complexity on data to boost productivity. Built with deep financial knowledge, this solution offers the flexibility of the Cloud and the solid performance of built-in financial knowledge for helping develop realistic budgets with accurate predictive analyses.

Oracle’s EPM Cloud’s superior budgeting and planning not only eliminates complexity with increased planning cadence, but simplifies all account-related activities in your organization. Seamless integration of the strategic and operational planning and budgeting functions with increased transparency largely reduces labor-intensive processes and helps efficiently manage your budgeting best practices.

The Planning and Budgeting Cloud is a suite of solutions that enhance your budgeting practices with rich features that comprise Planning and Forecasting, Process and Workflow, User Interface, and Integration.

  • Planning and Forecasting essentially comprises Decision-Oriented Plans with Instant Feedback Loop and What-If Modeling and Sandbox. Decision-Oriented Plans with Instant Feedback Loop helps create action-oriented driver based plans, reports, and slick dashboards that help align with organizational objective. What-If Modeling and Sandbox uses ‘on-the-fly’ scenario modeling, sandbox, and predictive analytics to plan and forecast what-if scenarios and generate instant reports.
  • Process and Workflow typically include Flexible Workflow and Process Management, Annotations, and Concurrency in Usage. Flexible Workflow and Process Management uses the best-in-class data-driven workflows to help facilitate effective collaboration across the enterprise. Annotations basically help corroborate documents with color and substance to plan numbers. Concurrency in Usage again helps create unified planning models across all regions and groups of your enterprise by using corresponding data updates with instant reporting facilities.
  • User Interface comprises Role-Based, Intuitive User Interface, Role-Based Navigation Flows, and Microsoft Office Interface. Role-Based, Intuitive User Interface is an intuitive Web-based interface that is responsive and user friendly. Role-Based Navigation Flows helps design role-based navigation flows for Sales planners, expense planners, financial analysts, executives and so on. Microsoft Office Interface leverages the built-in integration to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook for designing input templates in Excel formats.
  • Integration comprises External Integration, Oracle ERP Systems and Hybrid On-Premises Deployment. External Integration uses in-built automation tools to connect to external Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or with on-premises solutions. Oracle ERP Systems and Hybrid On-Premises Deployment allows you to usurp the advantages of out-of-the-box integration with Oracle ERP Cloud or the current on-premises Hyperion investments to deploy the Planning Cloud as a hybrid solution.

XDuce is a pioneer in the installation and configuration of Oracle EPM Planning and Budgeting Cloud systems across heterogeneous enterprises. Our deep expertise in installation and configuration of Budgeting and Planning practices drives prudent business-decision making. We ensure seamless integration of the existing framework on the Cloud with the operational and sales functions to produce cost-effective enterprise alignment. With Oracle Planning and Budgeting forecasting solutions, we design solutions that are best-fit with actionable strategy to constantly evaluate and quantify risk and uncertainty.

XDuce transforms your current budgeting processes and best practices, policies, and technology, workforce planning, project financial planning, capital asset planning, and other nuances of operational planning that may have a significant financial impact. Reach us if you are looking at industry-standard Oracle planning and budgeting Cloud services for your enterprise through smart design, cutting-edge technology, and straightforward implementation on the Cloud.

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